Everyone is welcome to volunteer, as long as the only agenda they bring is the same one that we abide by; Love people exactly as they are, and without exception, or requirement.

We are faith based, but non prothletising. We believe that we are to live out what we believe in a way that inspires other to want a life more abundant. We will not deny what we believe, but we also will not require that anyone believe what we do. Our job is to love people, to help people, and to make sure every person we encounter, knows that they matter.

We believe that serving should be a desire, not an obligation. With the exception on our core team, we don’t keep a schedule. If you wake up and all you are thinking of doing is going to the beach, or on a hike with friends, that’s what you should do, and no we don’t even need a call telling us you are doing that.

We want volunteers to show up because they can’t think of anything else they would rather do.

If our philosophy resonates in your heart, then we would love for you to come check us out and see if your passion and gifts are a match for what we do.


Volunteer for The Edge, Nuestra Casa, or a Special Event.
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