Growing up in a neighborhood with a lot of crime made me think that I had no opportunity to be someone important in life. I would see my friends joining gangs, fighting for a simple color, and becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, and I would tell myself; it won’t be long until I get involved with all that mess.

That first day when Dream Center took its first footsteps in my apartment complex is when I first saw my neighborhood fill with laughter and excitement. I remember standing in the middle of the courtyard telling myself, “I have a future.”

Every Saturday morning I would wake up with joy and a smile on my face, because I knew I was going to Dream Center that day where I would play soccer with my friends inside the gymnasuum. Over time I met new people who I became really good friends, and who I’ve kept a strong bond with throughout middle school and high school.

In high school I struggled with both math and writing. Dream Center strengthened both my writing and math skills by providing a homework club where any kid could go and get tutored, or get help with their homework. I took full advantage of this resource and it paid off really well in the long run. because of the help I was able to expand my intelligence, finish my math and writing requirements earlier than expected, and maintained a B average grade in both subjects.

I didn’t just stop there after being done with the requirement; I went the extra mile and regisered for college level courses. Now as a college student at Oregon State University, I am very thankful for having an amazing orginization that has provided me with a great respource, With their support I was able to save time and money because of the college courses that I took in high school.

Dream Center is who carried me and supported me through these past 11 years to get where I am now. Not only did they help me navigate to a better road, but also they inspired me to keep my education growing and work to become the important person I want to be. I’ve accomplished and achieved more in life than I would have if they weren’t part of my life.



Miguel Leon