In 2018 close to 2,000 students in our community took part in a survey. The intent of the survey? To learn what they need and want. We learned that a majority of the girls wanted to learn archery. A majority of the boys were interested in drones, and combined more than 900 wanted to learn to cook.

With that information we began to remodel the 1950’s kitchen in our community learning center with the goal that it become a teaching kitchen where they could learn to cook, and gain vocational training in the culinary profession. In addition we plan to provide cooking classes for parents, and anyone else interested in learning how other cultures cook.

The model is this. If you take a cooking class, please teach a class. You could teach how to bake a pie, make tamales’, cook pierogies, how to make Indian fry bread, can vegetables, make jam or whatever is your specialty. In essence we all learn from each other, and teach each other.  Sounds like a sweet plan doesn’t it.

We have completed stage one of the remodel with full demo of the 1950’s kitchen. We will need to rewire, sheetrock, paint, put in new lighting, cabinets, counters, shelves, backsplash, flooring, gas range/oven, oven exhaust hood, commercial grade dishwasher, commercial grade garbage disposal, and more, but it will all be worth it if just one child is able to realize their dream.

We hope you will invest in the success of these children and teens who dream of savory and sweet success in the kitchen.

To learn more, and see photo’s click on this link: Kitchen Remodel

To learn how you can invest in the remodel click on this link: Invest in the kids Dream Kitchen

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