Jose Lemus joins the Dream Team

We are excited to announce that Jose Lemus has joined our dream team!

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We are excited to announce that Jose Lemus has joined our dream team!

Thanks to a grant from The Collins Foundation, on December 1st we were able to hire Jose as Program Manager for The Edge; our community outreach programs.

We met Jose 14 years ago on the 1st day Dream Center began in 2004. Back then he was a very polite and cute little 10 year old boy who went by Beto. It didn’t take long for us to realize how special Jose was. Jose has an incredible heart, and is always ready to help anyone in need. His work ethic is beyond impressive. Jose was one of Dream Centers first success stories as he attended, and graduating from College. Jose then went on to work teaching in the school district, as a one on one specialist. Jose is also a Hot Shot, as in; every summer Jose goes out to fight forest fires, putting his live on the line to protect others.

Jose was one of the first teens to get the Dream Center vision: “Giving of yourself is crucial to rising out of poverty” As a teen Jose began volunteering at Dream Center, and then volunteering every Friday night at City Vibe, a local outreach serving Urban Campers and the Homeless. Not only did Jose serve, he set an example for others as brought other teens to volunteer along side of him.

We will always remember the crisp fall evening at Dinner on the Green when we asked Jose why he volunteered to feed the homeless every Friday night, while other teens were at their High School football game? His reply: “Because it’s what you do, and now it’s what we do”

Jose has big plans to help Dream Center become an even more positive influence in the lives of children, youth, teens and their families. He has already had an immense impact on our Saturday programing; The Edge. Jose’s “Everyone is included always” approach to all of the programing has taken The Edge to a new place, one where more children and families are receiving the the attention they desire, and deserve.J

As part of Jose’s job he will be working directly in the schools four days a week supporting the teachers and staff. He will also be working at our learning center Nuestra Casa evenings helping teens as they study.

As part of the Collins Foundation Grant to hire Jose, they made a generous matching funds challenge of $20,000 to help continue Jose’s employment, and to support SDC programs. Would you please consider becoming a monthly sustainer in 2018 and help us take advantage of the Collins Foundations matching funds challenge?

Matching Sustainers Challenge