Would you please consider becoming a Dream Maker?

A Dream Maker is someone who faithfully supports Dream Center with monthly support for a period of one or more years.
We are at a critical point where we need to create a strong donor base as we continue, and as we grow helping people transition out of poverty, illiteracy, hunger and oppression.
The funding that we have been blessed with from West Salem Foursquare as part of their launching of Salem Dream Center and City Vibe in January has come to an end.
The amazing one-time donations we received at last February’s luncheon will run out in November.
We have been so blessed by all the support that we have received, and we thank each of you who have supported us, and those who continue to support us, but we are at a cross road where we need to increase our support from private donors, and other sources as we move into this new phase in our becoming an independent non-profit supporting at risk youth and struggling families.
Would you please commit to pray for us? We feel confident that God wants Dream Center to not simply continue, but to grow. We know this because we see lives changed, and we see amazing things happening through our programs and ministry.
After much prayer, we reach out to you and ask you to come along side of us and devotedly make a difference.
How can you help? Commit to faithfully sponsor a child monthly for one or more years:
• If 200 people faithfully sponsor one child every month with a $50 donation, we would be able to continue to bless children and families in our community with basic programs and support.
• If 300 of the 1000 people who follow Dream Center on face book faithfully sponsor one child every month with a $50 donation, we would be able to provide all of the programs that we have these past 10 years, including Field Trips, Summer Camp, Easter Party, Holiday Food Boxes, Dream Tree Christmas Gifts, Sneaky Elf, Emergency Food Boxes and Shelter, Clothing, Educational Support and much more.
• If 500 of the 1000 people who follow Dream Center on face book faithfully sponsor one child every month for a year with a $50 donation, we would realize our dream to create Nuestra Casa (Community Learning Center) and run all the programs listed above that we have these past 10 Years.
Would you please consider providing monthly support to help us? If you are able to support us with less than $50, thank you, every donation helps, and for those of you who are able to support us by sponsoring more than one child, thank you, you are making dreams come true.
We are also looking for people to host in home gatherings where Renee and I could present Dream Center to a group of people who you know, and whom you feel would be able to support Dream Center on a larger scale.
Please know that in addition to asking for your individual help, we are aggressively seeking grants, but that is a slow process. We are also looking at a wide range of sources of support from various private, corporate, governmental, and regional groups.
In the past ten years Dream Center and City Vibe have broken the chains of poverty for hundreds and hundreds of people. We have helped to instill a desire to achieve a better life, and we have provided the tools needed to realize those dreams. Today we stand at a new chapter and we are very excited to see what lays before us as we develop a learning center where children and adults can break the fangs of poverty, illiteracy, language barriers, hunger, unemployment and under employment. This is exciting. Please join us and make dreams come true.
All donations that we receive are eligible as a charitable donation, and you will receive a receipt letter with our tax ID information.
Donations can be mailed to:
Salem Dream Center
PO Box 5976
Salem Or. 97304