Why? Because you do!

When Dream Center began we stepped out in faith with this belief; if we love people exactly as they are, without expectation or requirement, they will ask us why!

The exclamation point after why is not a typo, it’s there with sincere intent. Yes it’s a question, but we believe if we live out our faith the excitement and wonder that invokes the question, overshadows that it is a question.

Over these past ten years we have watched as that belief has become a reality, with former Hells Angels, gang members, moms, dads, children and elderly asking; “Why do you do this!”

It’s then that we are able to share how Christ impacted our lives and we have no choice but to follow the example he set for us, loving people until they ask why!

This past year an ever growing group of youth and teens have been volunteering at Dinner on the Green. It started with four teens led by Jose’, but this group of youth has grown to 15, the youngest is eight, the oldest 20.

Every Friday night they volunteer to help feed and support hungry men women and chidren. They forgo football games, dances and parties, and instead spend their Friday night blessing others. They work with passion and dedication. To be honest they make many of the more senior volunteers look like slackers (they aren’t, it just looks that way) with how hard they work.

They come with smiles on their faces and they are most often the first to arrive and the last to leave. Their passion is obvious and it’s contagious.

Recently at a Dinner on the Green I asked Jose’ “why do you do this?”

He looked at me with an almost quizzical look and without hesitation replied; “Because it’s what you do!’ ‘It’s what you have always done, you come to Dream Center and show us we matter, that you care, and you make us feel like we matter’. ‘We do it because we have to, we have to live out what we believe, just like you do.”

When we began we expected people to ask us why! But I honestly didn’t expect so many people to then live out the example we lived out, the example Christ set for us.

So the answer to the question, what happens after they ask why? is this; They live it out in their lives and the example is replicated, it’s contagious.

I believe with all of my heart that we may be the first, or be the only Bible someone reads. So make it a read of a life time!

Jose’ and his faithful team of youth volunteers are living Bibles and that is a read I want to read and live.

Love until they ask why!